Creating a WebLogic Managed Server

Posted by Theodore Williams on Aug 3, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Creating a Managed Server in WebLogic 12c



An Oracle WebLogic domain is a collection of WebLogic Server resources.  Although you can create a domain when WebLogic is installed, there may be instances where you wish to create a new domain after WebLogic installation.  This article details how to create a new WebLogic domain.

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  1. Login to the WebLogic Server



Click on Servers.





  1. The Summary of Servers screen displays.



Click New to create a new WebLogic Managed Server.


  1. The Create a New Server screen displays.



Enter a server name, a server listen port, and select “No, this is a stand-alone server.”.  Click Next.


  1. The Create a New Server screens displays with values filled in.



Click Finish.


  1. The Summary of Servers screen displays showing the new managed server. The new managed server has been successfully created.  It is currently in an Unknown state and is waiting to be started.



Click on the new server name.


  1. The Settings page for the new server displays.



 A machine is a representation for the host on which the managed server will run.  Next, we will select a machine for the managed server to run on.  See our earlier post on Configuring Node Manager for details on how to create a machine.

Click Environment --> Machines.


  1. The Summary of Machines screen displays. The previously created machine is shown.



 Click on the machine name.


  1. The settings for the machine screen displays.



Click Add.


  1. The Add a Server to a Machine screen displays.



Select the manager server that was just created.  This will attach the machine to the managed server and allow node manager to control the managed server.


  1. A screen showing that the machine has been successfully attached to the managed server displays.



Click Servers on the left of the screen.


  1. The Summary of Servers screen displays showing that the new Managed Server is in a state of “Shutdown”.



  1. Stop Node Manager if it is currently running by executing the following command:


      [oracle@Forge bin]$

/u01/app/weblogic/wls12130/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin/ &





  1. Start Node Manager by running the following command:


 [oracle@Forge domains]$ $MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin/ &




<Aug 3, 2017 11:18:06 AM EDT> <INFO> <Secure socket listener started on port…





  1. Go to the Summary of Servers screen.



Click Control.  Check the box next to the new managed server.  Click Start.


  1. The screen display will show that the task of starting the managed server is in progress.



  1. After a minute or two the managed server should be started.



  1. Clicking on the Configuration tab of the Summary of Servers screen shows that the new managed server is now running and its health is ok.  The new managed server is now ready for use.





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