Configuring LDAP Authentication for Oracle APEX Workspaces

Posted by Theodore Williams on Sep 13, 2017 2:20:00 PM

Configuring LDAP Authentication for Oracle APEX Workspaces

Before APEX 5, APEX workspace administrators and developers had to remember local passwords for each APEX workspace.  This could result in several passwords to remember and become a real problem.  APEX 5 made it possible to use LDAP authentication for APEX workspaces thereby reducing the number of passwords needed.  The administrator or developer only needs to remember his or her LDAP password.  This article details configuring APEX for LDAP workspace authentication.

Relevant Topics: Oracle DBAOracle APEX Development, Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS), Oracle Support, Oracle Database Development

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Topics: Oracle DBA, Oracle APEX, Oracle database development, Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Support

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