Deploying Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS) on WebLogic for APEX

Posted by Theodore Williams on Aug 25, 2017 8:00:00 PM

Deploying Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS) on WebLogic

A web listener is needed in order to run Oracle APEX.  Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS), formerly called the APEX listener, is a great option for the web listener.  This article details the configuration and deployment of ORDS on Oracle WebLogic Server.


This article assumes that WebLogic has been successfully installed.  See our previous posts for steps in configuring WebLogic.

Relevant Topics: Oracle DBA,  Oracle WebLogic, Managed Server, Oracle APEX, Oracle Rest Data Services, ORDS, Oracle Database Development

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Topics: Oracle DBA, Oracle APEX, Oracle database development, Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Rest Data Services, WebLogic, WebLogic Managed Server, ORDS